Palletizing Robots

One of the most attractive applications for industrial robots is in palletizing. Handling heavy cartons, bags or trays on a day-to-day basis, and often stacking these items above shoulder height, is an activity that is not appropriate in the modern work world. Palletizing operations is one of the most exhausting and injury prone functions in a facility.Robotic palletizers compete well with high and low level ‘conventional’ palletizers on a cost basis, and are best applied when case rates can be achieved in 15 cycles per minute or less. To make high rates, multiple cases must be picked on each cycle.Avery attractive advantage robotic palletizers have over conventional style palletizers is the ability to palletize several different product types from numerous production lines simultaneously. A robotic palletizer can have 4, 5 or even 6 palletizing positions, and multiple inbound conveyor lanes. A steady stream of product can be palletized with very little accumulation conveyor.

Palletizing robots can handle cased, bagged, baled or bundled product up to several hundred pounds with incredible speed and accuracy.