InterSort Label


InterSort Label is a software module used primarily for the software and control of labeling activities. IS Label works “on the fly” as boxes or products pass by typically on conveyors. Label IS interfaces the host software to gather data to be printed, then controls the task of applying the printed (or preprinted) label to the package.


InterSort Label applications include:

  • Print & Apply
  • Label Apply
  • RFID Apply


Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates expense of preprinted labels
  • Faster and more precise labeling
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Supports Batch and On-Demand Label Printing
  • Configurable based on individual business rules
  • Real-time communication with scanners, weigh scales, printers and I/O devices.
  • Options for top-apply or side-apply
  • Supports multiple label formats and carrier compliant shipping labels
  • Real-time verification, status updates, monitoring and tracking
  • Option to divert erroneous cartons to a reject lane