Operations Assessment

Are you uncertain which changes to your operation will reduce costs, accelerate throughput, extend the life of your current facility, reduce space, and improve productivity – at the fairest price possible? We can help you determine how to best invest your hard-earned dollars to obtain the best value possible.

Our assessment will identify immediate, short-term as well as long-term recommendations to enhance your facility operations. “Immediate” will pinpoint those actions that can be quickly resolved through mechanical, electronic or IT adjustment – with little, if any cost at all. Examples include adjusment of merge points, photo-eye timing, induction programming, line speeds, and so forth. “Short-Term” are readily-identifiable opportunities that provide immediate ROI; however, require planning and justification. Examples could include converting a manual allocation process to a semi-automated operation, or upgrading a paper-based picking system to paperless fulfillment. “Long-Term” would be more capital intensive; however, creates a strategic advantage. Examples could include recommending investment into high-speed sortation for reducing a three-shift operation into one, or a new Warehouse Management System (WMS) to provide superior inventory visibility and cost control.

No matter how significant the change you need to make, our recommendations will help you maximize the value of your capital investment. Contact McCombs-Wall for a free walk through assessment today.