Material Handling Systems

You have determined there is a need for a new or revised material handling system. Are you completely comfortable that you have the resources, time, and practical knowledge for obtaining the best balance of system performance versus investment?McCombs-Wall Engineering will translate your business needs, trends, observations and goals into a well-defined document. An innovative material handling system will be designed so that each particular functional area can be evaluated and cost-justified for its own merit or potential to support future business requirements. Determining the appropriate technologies (i.e. conveyors, picking systems, sortation, WMS, WCS, pick modules, mezzanines, storage rack and shelving, carousels, storage media, print and apply systems, etc.) to incorporate into an advanced system is instrumental to the bottom-line success of your organization.

Our proven implementation professionals will manage your project as if we were doing it for ourselves—at the best price possible while fully tested and functional. You inform us that your staff is indeed thoroughly trained on every subsystem and operation as a whole before we’re finished. Our systems are scalable and flexible, integrated end-to-end, with an eye on future demands. Don’t be handcuffed by a material handling system that fails to deliver financial returns due to the use of over-priced providers and failed promises. Our customer references speak for themselves.