Facility Planning

You have identified a need to plan a new facility or to reconfigure or consolidate an existing one. How do you maximize capability while minimizing investment and operational costs? McCombs-Wall Engineering will leverage your team’s internal business knowledge and then apply our broad industry knowledge of systems, process and product flow, benchmarked operational layouts, as well as vertical market expertise to plan and customize the optimum operational concept for your facility.

We begin analysis of your facility by compiling all available data into a needs document defining appropriate sizing, layout, and systems requirements for each functional area. Then we devise alternate concepts and write economic justifications for each. Ultimately, you will receive a customized-for-your-business detailed operational plan.

Due to our extensive involvement in city, county, and state project permitting processes, our understanding of local building, seismic, and fire regulations will help keep your project costs and schedule on track. Our knowledge will help you reduce unforeseen design revision costs and delivery delays due to mistakes made in the design process. You can depend on our facility experience to provide you with the optimum facility plan ready for immediate implementation.